PR Services

Organize press releases and product reviews within UK/Europe/International music media magazines – Your information needs a strong and distinctive voice to make its presence known in the right place at the right time. I develop clear and realistic, newsworthy articles, that stand out from the rest and is of genuine interest to the trade, customers and readers.

Keep journalists and editors up to date with your company’s latest product news – I have a productive, working relationship with key journalists, freelance journalists and editors within the music industry and other media, providing relevant information that they genuinely want to publish. To put this in perspective, each press release is backed up with a ‘before and after’ telephone call, prompting excellent communication and continuity.


Save yourself time and money, let us use our vast network of contacts for you – Press work is time consuming for any company, often worked on after business hours. I can take the pressure off, let me assist with promotion and planning, within our vast network of contacts….for you.

Planning ahead – I can also organize competitions to spotlight products or artists. I can arrange advertising within the media at special rates. I can look ahead and inform you when journalists and editors are looking for information on your products and services.