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I offer a highly effective world-wide press release writing and distribution service. I am your connection to the worlds media, with a vast database to ensure your product information is distributed with effect, to the correct source. Editors receive hundreds of press releases a week, if it doesn’t initially hold their attention, like so many, it’s binned un-opened. There are many ingredients that make a successful press release. I’m aware of what it takes to create a readable, informative press release that’s simple, straight to the point, tailored and targeted correctly to impress the editor.


It would seem that advertising alone, is not the final solution to effective exposure. Editorial coverage gives you a huge amount of credibility. I act as your independent trustworthy person working on behalf of your business. In short, I can provide the answer to many businesses looking to achieve world-wide media exposure.

Brands and artists I work with include:

hudson-acousticJohn Verity, Neil Taylor, Eastman Guitars, Caparison Guitars, RAT Effects pedals, Boing instrument stands,  DC Developments, Aria Guitars, Rotosound Strings, Rob Williams Guitars, 440 Distribution, DSL Guitars Straps, Vanquish Guitars, Cort Guitars Korea, Cablejog UK, LACE Pickups USA, BSM Treble Boosters Germany, Randy Straps UK, MusicVox Guitars USA, Norton Guitars USA, Fusion gig bags, Stetsbar USA, EYB Guitars and Accessories Germany, Tausch Guitars Germany, Kopo Guitars France, Mic Cady USA, Prax Axe USA, m&f-mono-gigbags AMT Effects Czech Republic, Double Whammy USA, Andreas Guitars Germany, Pawar Guitars Canada, Basslab Guitars Germany, Sticks Grip USA, Kellar Bass Systems USA, Indie Guitars, Adam Hall, Probett Guitars, Hudson Guitars, Madison & Fifth, Rockslides, Mono, Super Vee, V Picks, LOXX, Blade Runner, Wishbone, Peavey, Toon Acoustic Guitars, In The Flesh (Pink Floyd show), Mick Abraham’s (Jethro Tull, Mick Abraham’s Band.) KV2 AUDIO